The Best Netflix Tips

In order to stream movies and series on Netflix without trouble, you should follow some tips. We’ve put together the most important ones.

Netflix, one of the world’s largest video streaming services, has made a name for itself with a large number of its own award-winning series, such as the “House of Cards” and “Orange Is The New Black”, which have meanwhile become classics, or with new productions such as “Disenchantment”, which are regularly being added.

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Like many other services, Netflix also offers interested users a free trial month in which they can test all the functions of the offer. Who would like, can use in the free test phase without problems a Premium account with all advantages (for example the use on up to four devices) and downgrade with beginning of the subscription on the simple basis variant.

  • Unlimited high-speed data on the go with LTE Max!
  • Surf and stream as much as you want without worries – without limit
  • The Netflix offer is huge and therefore quickly unmanageable.
  • Of course you can browse the different categories and genres, but the streaming service does not make all categories accessible to its users. But with a few tricks you can still do that. We’ll show you how this works in a separate article: Netflix Tricks: How to find all hidden categories

Watch offline: How it works without problems

Whether movies, series or documentaries, a lot of content can also be downloaded so that you can watch it offline later, so that you have your favourite series with you on flights, train journeys or on holiday. However, there are some restrictions:. For example, the download only works on mobile devices and neither on the Mac nor on the PC. There are also differences between Android and Apple devices. The most important tips for downloading Netflix have been put together for you in an article.

Use Netflix offline: Tips and tricks for downloading movies and series

Pitfalls after the download – and how you handle them. Despite the download, the downloaded films or series are not always available. It’s the inscrutable license deals between Netflix and the film producers that are to blame. We’ll show you the pitfalls that lurk here and what you have to pay attention to in order to treat yourself to easy movies and series offline.

Save Netflix videos: Everything about lifetime and licenses of downloads

So, check out our tips and your extended video evenings on rainy summer days or cold autumn evenings is no longer in the way!