Bitcoin sports betting: Online betting with BTC

At the end of 2017 it started with Bitcoin sports betting. The excitement about crypto currencies has prompted more and more betting providers to offer Bitcoin as a payment method. You can now find out what is left of it, whether you can still pay in this way and where it is best to deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin. We…

Virtual reality, real dangers

In the technical area and in the entertainment industry, VR applications are now almost standard. However, headsets lead to health problems – especially during prolonged use – according to researchers.

Watch Netflix abroad

In the course of 2019, the Netflix streaming platform surpassed the hurdle of over 125 million subscribers. This trend is also becoming apparent in Germany, where the number of subscribers is growing steadily and is already several million daily users. But how can you view Netflix Germany from abroad? That’s what we’ll see here. Because yes, just like a large…

The most important infos about geoblocking

The meaning of the term geoblocking can be derived quite simply from its word components: Geo comes from Greek and initially refers only to the earth in general, but often means only a certain region. Blocking is a form of the English verb “to block” and means to stop or lock. VPN Software (find out more at is used…

Usenet – What Is It For?

The Usenet, which stands for Unix User Network, is a network in which messages are distributed over different servers. It can be compared with a huge Internet forum. Thousands of exciting discussions on a wide variety of topics can be found there. In addition to text discussions, Usenet also contains a wide variety of files (so-called binaries). In many explanations…


There are a lot of hosters who specialize in WordPress or at least have packages for WordPress hosting in their program. Here we introduce twelve of them to you.

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