Creating your VPN under Snow Leopard

Setting up vpn entry over PPTP under Macintosh OS-X 10.6 is fast and simple. The directions that are following will take you step-by step in setting your accounts up.

NOTICE: These options will be the same for Macintosh OS-X 10.5 (Leopard)

1. Open-system preferences and click onto ‘Community’.

2. Click + to switch on the system contacts pane.

3. In the dropdown menu choose ‘VPN’ accompanied by by ‘PPTP’ then click ‘Generate’.

4. Input the VPNUK machine that has been given for you in the e-mail that is pleasant to the ‘Host Address’field as well as the account user-Name in the ‘Account Title’ area then click the’ Options’ option.

5. Input ‘Password’ and click ‘OK’.

6. Click ‘Apply’.

7. Click the ‘Advanced’ option.

8. Mark ‘send all traffic over VPN link’, media ‘OK’.

9. Click ‘Apply’.

10. Depart the ‘Show VPN status in menu-bar’ box ticked and media ‘Join’.

1 1. Ended! It’s possible for you to Join/Disconnect to the host in the menu-bar.

For the general VPN setup on iPhone read PureVPN IPhone for example.