How to Establishing VPN on Macos X

Show you how-to configure your MACOS X VPN to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) relationship.

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Pleas open the ‘Applications’ directory when you go to the Person and picking “New Hunter Window” in the selection that is “File”.

Click on the “Purposes” icon on the remaining as found in the image above scroll down to “Internet Connect” star.


Double–click about the image. You will notice something simillar to the image below.

Step 3

Go-to the selection that is ‘File’ and choose “New VPN Connection Window.”

Step 4

You’ll view a the next screen (see picture). Select ‘PPTP ,’ then click ‘Continue.’

Step 5

The next screen click “change configuration” in order to enter the Bond Information.

Step 6

You wil be expected for data concerning the connection as found inside the picture

For VPN configuration. Type ‘’ “PPTP VPN” or whatever you like while the Description.

The “host Tackle” is furnished within the email that was delightful.

For Bill name, enter the username provided inside the mail that is delightful.

For “user authorization, select “code” and it is within the email that is delightful.

“Enable VPN on-demand” must be unchecked, and “Encryption” must be set to “Automatic”.

Press “OK”. Your setting is saved, and youare ready to link!

Step 7

To connect, double click on “Internet Link click “VPN (PPTP)”, then click the ‘Connect’ switch.

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