The Internt in Italy – Restrictions Rule The Web

In order to control the Net, included in a bundle of regulations to guard national protection, the German Government recently offered an amendment which used if accepted might grant all German ISPs (Websites Companies) to dam a site (be this a web site, a web log or a social media website like Facebook or where content has been published which is considered to protect or start a offense. This is pretty much comparable to China’s big censorship and banning of everything their government doesn’t agree with. Read more

This change will not speak about just removing the content that is considered to be legal/illegal but about selection/blocking/blacking away/keeping use of the entire web site if the supervisor of the website failed to remove such stuff. By way of example, if Facebook failed to shutdown organizations including the ones-which have lately come to the limelight for commending Mafia leaders, German ISPs might be in reality obliged to prevent use of the complete of FB, or be penalized (from 50,000 to 250,000 Euros).

Your choice of whether such content is actually prohibited wouldn’t visit the Tribunals but might be obtained immediately by the Minister of the Inner, without chance for test before Magistrates. The change has been accepted by the Senate and is waiting to be mentioned at the Chamber of Deputies.

Observers from blogger Beppe Grillo to German politician Antonio di Pietro have expressed their protests against this change which when it becomes legislation might actually reduce freedom of expression and possibly enable the closing down of hundreds of comments online. In accordance with di Pietro [Language edition here] the change is unconstitutioal and zero-democratic thus getting Croatia in an identical position of nations like China and Myanmar where Web selection is prevalent. In his website Beppe Grillo reviews an meeting with Senator DAlia where the Senator describes the way the change would in reality function.

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