Hybrid Conferencing Software

Conferencing is becoming one among the major growth drivers for several firms because it enhances inter- and intra-office communication, reduces worker traveling and reduced carbon footprint. A collaborative Unified Communication (UC) program empowers users to obtain a wide range of communication tools to streamline the conferencing infrastructure in their organisation for more rapid decision making and briefer job turnaround time. Now, advancements in technologies have enabled businesses to make use of the current VoIP calls along with all the conventional PSTN calls. This results in greater cost savings for the users, enhanced communication for the participants and creates a fresh route to allow them to socialize using two significantly different styles of sound calling on a single platform.

A hybrid conferencing program empowers users to vary between VoIP and PSTN calls in accordance with their convenience. This may end up being a fantastic advantage for firms based in Hong Kong, since their workers should stay in continuous touch with business associates found in the rest of the planet.

In a situation like this, a hybrid option creates a conferencing environment that supports both kinds of sound calls to a single network with no degradation in call quality. Arkadin OnePlace, according to Adobe Connect, is one hybrid vehicle conferencing option.

  1. As an example, a firm with its IP network incorporated for VoIP calls, can enable workers to join the assembly using IP calls, while attendees found outside work may use the PSTN established connection.
  2. The video conferencing part of a hybrid UCC option can support as much as a 100 participants in total High Definition format for an immersive collaborating encounter.
  3. High Definition webcams and notebook incorporated cameras may be used by the participants to leave the video in such calls easily. Administrators can control whether a specific member can show their webcam to another group members, which empowers them to preserve secrecy.

All regular web conferencing instruments of a UCC option can be found in the hybrid conferencing program. Each of the Adobe Flash based web conferencing instruments of the advanced Arkadin OnePlace option could be obtained only from an internet browser or a committed cellular program, which enhances the level flexibility for an individual. On the flip side, its SaaS version improves the degree of scalability for them, thereby helping growing businesses to scale their communication network according to their own requirements.