There are a lot of hosters who specialize in WordPress or at least have packages for WordPress hosting in their program. Here we introduce twelve of them to you.

Hoster with focus on WordPress or WordPress packages

On the international market there are countless hosters who meet the minimum requirements of WordPress to a server. This starts with offers for a few Euros per month for normal websites up to several hundred Euros per month for offers that provide corresponding services for heavily visited offers.

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When selecting the hosters, we searched for providers who are completely specialized in WordPress or have explicit packages for WordPress in their program. If nothing about the server location is written here in the article, it is in Germany or the provider has at least one computer center in Germany. In addition to the minimum requirements of WordPress, it was also checked whether a secure connection to the server can be established via SFTP or SSH, whether SSL certificates are integrated free of charge and whether the current PHP version 7 is also offered.

In addition, only providers with at least one data center in Europe are presented here – for example, there are still some specialized providers in the USA who do not maintain a European data center. If hosters offer a 1-click installation, you should make sure that the latest WordPress version is really installed and that no unwanted extras are installed by the host.

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The order of the list does not represent a ranking – first come the highly specialized hosters, then the less specialized ones.
WordPress hosting at Raidboxes

Raidboxes (Provisions-Link) is a German hoster that specializes in WordPress – the prices are exclusive of VAT. The cheapest package for nine Euros per month with a minimum duration of one month offers space for a WordPress installation on a two gigabyte SSD disk. In this package the server is shared with others, from the next larger package for 15 euros per month there is its own server. WordPress is automatically updated – the automatic update of plugins and themes is available in a larger package. There is a free SSL certificate in every package, as well as SFTP access and automatic caching, which makes the installation of a caching plugin obsolete. PHP 7 is also on board, just like HTTP/2.

Currently still in beta is the staging function, which can be tested for 14 days free of charge. 14 days free of charge can be tested also the complete offer of Raidboxes, and for the easier entrance a noncommittal free removal service is offered.

WordPress Hosting at Hostpress

Hostpress is also a German hosting company that has specialized completely in hosting for WordPress – it is aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs and the prices do not include VAT.

The cheapest package costs 25 Euro per month for annual payment in advance with a 30-day money-back guarantee. For this there are five gigabytes on SSD for one installation, 20 gigabytes traffic, Nginx, HTTP/2, PHP 7.1 and MySQL 5.7. In addition free SSL with Let’s Encrypt, SSH, Git, Staging, a PHP memory limit of 256 megabytes and more. Multisite only works from the business package on for 100 Euro per month with annual payment.

Hostpress also offers a number of add-ons that can be booked in addition. For example, there is the “Secureplan”, which includes updates for WordPress, plug-ins and themes, monitors security and cleans up after hacks.

WordPress hosting at Strato

Strato (commission link) offers four WordPress packages. The cheaper one costs four euros per month without a contract period. There is 25 Gigabyte hard disk space, a domain, a free SSL certificate, PHP 7, a database on SSD hard disks and SSH as well as SFTP. The DNS settings can also be adjusted.

Optionally WordPress can be operated in a so-called “security mode”, in which updates are installed automatically, and a 1-click installation is available. These two aspects also seem to be the only WordPress specific differences to the normal hosting packages, where there is more memory at the same price.

WordPress hosting at 1&1

1&1 (commission link) also offers hosting packages specially designed for WordPress – all with a minimum term of twelve months and a one-time setup fee of 8.90 Euro. You can start with the smallest package for 3.99 Euro. There is space for a WordPress project on a 25 gigabyte SSD disk and a database. There is SFTP access as well as an SSL certificate.

In the price overview there is something about pre-installed plugins, which are probably installed with the 1-click installation – you shouldn’t use that. Since there is SFTP access, you can also upload a completely fresh installation. Starting with the next bigger package for currently 0.99 Euro per month in the first year and afterwards 6.99 Euro per month there is also a staging possibility.


As you can see, there is a wide range of hosters that can be easily used with WordPress – from small and fully specialized WordPress hosters to mass hosters who also have a few packages in the program that are designed for WordPress, everything is included. Before you decide on a hoster, you should make a note of what you want to do with the server and what your requirements are. If you like to make something, an SSH access might not be wrong. If this is available, you should still clarify whether the commands you want are supported.

  • Important factors such as the PHP memory limit should also be taken into account when making your selection – if it’s too low and can’t be increased, it won’t be much fun at all.
  • You should also be aware of whether the vendor is communicating, how many parties you share hardware with, or whether you are guaranteed exclusive use of certain hardware.
  • If you can’t find anything on this point, the package might not be right for professional requirements.