The Project

It was founded in 2005 and is today one of the most popular VPN providers worldwide. Behind the online offer hides the company Privax from the USA, but also in Germany, the service of the company are fully exploited. In addition to the fee-based VPN offer HideMyAss provides additional services: a Web proxy, an interface to receive anonymous emails, an upload service and a redirecting service – all free and available without additional software. This is different to the VPN service: HideMyAss provides its own software, which allows anonymous surfing on the Internet. Practically, the integrated “speed test”, bringing the quality and speed to the respective VPN servers can be determined. Also advantageous is the unlimited transfer volume that allows to download larger files over the VPN network without connection interruption or loss of speed. HideMyAss provides world 651 VPN servers in 77 countries and total comes to over 57,000 IP addresses. In the following countries HMA has Server: Uruguay, Moldova, USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Cyprus, Philippines, Spain, Costa Rica, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Thailand, Russia, Indonesia, Hungary, Morocco, Bulgaria, Austria , Hong Kong, Egypt, Panama, France, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Turkey, Sweden, Singapore, Taiwan, Slovakia, Estonia, Romania, Latvia, Belgium, Vietnam, Jordan, Luxembourg, Denmark, Greece , New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Canada, India, Norway, Serbia, Iceland, Netherlands, South Korea, Brazil, Ireland, Germany, Israel, Argentina, Japan and Italy. A majority of the 327 server is located here in the USA, in Canada and in the UK. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland are together 18 server. HMA attaches great importance to protecting the privacy of its customers – but the company still leads for security provider logs. Be stored while the time of preparation and separation of the connection and the dedicated IP address of the server. Illegal activities can be traced, where appropriate, further action will be taken (eg, deletion of the account). For file sharing and video streaming HMA is to be classified as safe enough, but the case of LulzSeck Hackers “Sabu” has shown that Hide my Ass passes the log files and IP addresses of its customers to the FBI. So if you want to hide from a government should better access to TOR as to hide my ass. Find out more at