News for PS Gamers

GTA 5 is most likely the hot ersehnteste video game titles this year. A few other releases provide in this form for as much enthusiasm as well as stir among supporters dignified computer games. Since it is not a little amazing that the scene almost every day is confronted with the current allegations. More info on the release date and also play action on the E3 were expected recently. Fans and editors were unfortunately disappointed because the developers gave no further hints award. According to various news either October or XMas 2012 as well as the spring of next year are possible. Because it since then, but is the part of the developer no public feedback, these rumors remain pure speculation continue. Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 has a great track record. With each new release, the manufacturer was able to captivate the PS4’s new gamers as well as a milestone in the world of video games. So it is not surprising that the video game already in the 5th version comes in the shelves and million fans throughout the earth. In Grand Theft Auto V to the PS4 gamers can enter the world in and around Los Santos, the virtual metropolis which will be modeled on the US world city LA. Even the protagonist remains as most of the details behind closure. Enthusiastic suspect, however, whether the players take the role of an older Tommy Vercetti or even allowed to play the famous L. Lopez. Looking at the storyboards past but parts of, rather you have to start from a new player character, known this was earlier replaced at any time. Regardless of who’s role it is you can also always empathize, GTA V on PS4 will not be different from the other gaming platforms. It is expected, however, that the PC version will be re-released a little late and DLC (downloadable contents) somewhat later than on PS 4 and Xbox 360 will appear. GTA V is its players present on PS4 once again innovative technologies in the field of programming u. Designing. The digital gaming world will report according to some enormous additionally be accompanying insanely rich in detail, so much the viewer can already expect the screenshots made ​​in the game. Fabulous environment was long time a property of the series and it is equally notorious for pioneering innovations with a focus on creative and technical genius. Playful players should look forward to improved development of his character and many new ideas. Just recently, Dan Houser, Vice President at RG (Rockstar Games), already given a hint: As already in Max Payne Three for the first time possible to multiplayer friends in the future in gangs, sg Crews can pitch. So raids and the war against police and the FBI still many times could be more fun. But even so, the multiplayer is finally within the program. In the older titles, players had to deal with less good hobbyists solutions to use a multiplayer can. This is now after a long wait to be different with Grand Theft Auto V.