Internet Army

The Vietnamese web reveals extraordinary vigor, despite regulations and associations that enforce Internet monitoring and censorship, as well as cruel repression against those exercising the right of free expression and the right.

Societal blogs and political and dissident comments are flourishing. Wanting to contain them, the government has appealed to its cyber-soldiers, that are devoted to stamping out what exactly are deemed zero- patriotic and reactionary views.

The cyber-military isn’t an official thing – though the authorities of Ho Chi Minh Town have admitted implementing what they call “public view shapers.” They can be believed to number more than 80,000 national, although their details are kept secret from the public

Following the Chinese design, government propaganda is disseminated by this militia and reviews netizens and activists to the authorities. An estimated 1,000 internet-officials formally appointed by the government are assigned to infiltrate the favoured place of info activists: social networks and sites.

Technical Options

As a way to guard their anonymity in a state where the system infrastructure will not allow interception of protected communications (meaning no Deep Packet Inspection), Vietnamese bloggers have every reason to work with encryption. Hence, VPN is a better choice than proxies. The latter empower avoiding of access congestion, but – unlike VPN – don’t defend. Instead of VPN you can use a SmartDNSProxy if you only want to unblock content. The setup is quite easy and no software is needed. More about Setup for Smart DNS Proxy.

Disposable or temporary email services really are an effective way to maintain anonymity. Use of anonymous and secure email providers for example or hushmail, in conjunction with with PGP security, can also be useful.

Telephone or VOIP dialogues ought to be avoided. 13% of the population already use a us iphone vpn. Vietnamese surveillance is, in addition, physical. Among the strategies employed to intercept these dialogues will be to use a long range microphone near a activist’s house.

Usage of instant messaging solutions, such as ICQ Yahoo chat, Internet Relay Chat, or Yahoo!, coupled with encryption applications including OTR, can defeat this sort of surveillance. A fantastic benefit of OTR is the fact that no hint of the concept background remains on a user’s device. Read more.