Bitcoin Poker Website Seals With Closes After Protection Compromise

Poker site Seals With Clubs has announced it is shutting down.

Seals With Clubs mentioned security problems but failed to disclose the specific events that led to the conclusion although in a notice published on its website.

The website h-AS experienced security problems previously, having been the objective of a data-base hack in Dec 2013 that led to the theft of 42,000 passwords.

Seals With Clubs said that withdrawals will not be unavailable and guided all users to not deposit any bitcoins. Explaining the specific situation as one constituting “a perpetual state of jeopardy”, Seals With Clubs said the effect was a choice by the firm owners and managing personnel.  If you like to play Bitcoin Roulette instead, check this Bitcoin Casino Review site.

The business noted on its site:

“All participant funds and information remain intact along with the dilemma wasn’t software-related. We tend not to consider some of our purses utilized in functions to be compromised or lost. But this occasion has got the majority vote of the ownership and group concur that shutting down businesses is the greatest move for safety and security purposes.”

The poker website said the issues came forth on 11th Feb.

Despite assurances it might return on line, and on Twitter, an unspecified hardware failure was reported by Seals With Clubs at that moment, Seals With Clubs stated it was made to remain shut.

The website continues to be processing cashouts and apologized to the customer-base amid what it called “extended downtime” on 15th Feb.

Potential uncertain

Seals With Clubs failed to elaborate how long withdrawals will not remain unavailable, according to the notice, but maintained that its power to provide withdrawals could be disturbed if its domain is seized or the operators’ ability to communicate is interrupted.

“Any unsigned or invalidly signed instructions by the others should not be considered legitimate,” the notice read.

Seals With Clubs announced that, to chairman Bryan Micon, some resources possessed by the company will be transferred as part of the closure to be able to facilitate the development of a new bitcoin poker platform situated in Antigua.

Most of these behind the website will not be associated with the future project, as stated by the notice. Micon referred to the newest poker platform dubbed SwC 2.0 in a Twitter post hrs after the shutdown was announced.

The resources include a partially complete bitcoin poker software package which was formerly intended to replace the